How To Profit Selling on Amazon

Selling on Amazon entails more setting up an Amazon store and adding products to your store. Amazon might be the biggest online retailer, but that doesn’t guarantee you immediate sales soon after setting up a store.

You have to go the extra mile to attract customers and keep them coming back for more. Luckily, several tactics will give you an upper hand over the thousands of stores already on Amazon. These tactics have been tested in the trenches and are proven to work. Therefore, follow each of these steps, taking care to modify each of them to suit your store’s specific needs.

1. Find the Right Product

Finding the right product to sell on Amazon is perhaps the single most important thing you’ll have to do. Since you are most likely sourcing products from third parties and listing them in your store, finding a product with a handsome profit margin is essential,

For the most part, you’ll be hunting down products being sold at a considerable discount so that you can sell them on Amazon at a profit, even after Amazon deducts its commission. Note Amazon’s commission is 30% off the selling price, so you have to hunt down products with considerable discounts.

2. Test the Products

Before you list a product on your Amazon store, and before you send items to Amazon’s warehouses, make sure you check the product. Testing here means making sure the products works as described. If it doesn’t, look for another supplier because when customers find your store has faulty products, they’ll leave negative reviews.

Negative reviews are a blot on your store’s front because anyone can read them. If several customers protest about your product’s integrity, the chances are that potential customers will pass you up after reading the negative reviews.

3. Target Keywords Relevant to Your Products

Getting the first sale on Amazon requires listing of products with keywords your customers use. For instance, if you are selling sneakers meant for Yoga, you will sell more shoes when you include ‘Yoga sneakers’ in your product listing than when you plainly list your shoes like sneakers.

If your industry has a considerable customer base, being as specific as possible gets you more sales. However, don’t get overly specific with your product titles. Sometimes being too specific may make it harder for customers to find your product. The takeaway lesson here is to list products using titles customers are already looking for on Amazon.

Follow these three strategies, to jump start sales in your Amazon store. Remember though to keep on looking for new ways to drive up sales every day so that you are not edged out by other sellers on the e-commerce site.

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